Drew_MeryHi, my name is Drew Mery.  I love helping people understand key insights and stories from data.  With six years in the data analytics industry, I’ve had the opportunity to query, clean, transform, model, analyze, and visualize many different kinds and sizes of data sets, both for business and for pleasure.  I’ve worked with SQL, Power BI, Tableau, Python, and Excel.  I’ve performed data explorations, statistical analyses, hypothesis testing, and machine learning using Python.  When it comes to data visualization, I make use of best practices so that the key data points stand out and the end-users know what they’re looking at.  Whether it’s investigating anomalies, doing ad-hoc analysis, or developing reports for improved business monitoring, I take pride in my work and value every aspect of the job.

– Kick-started the use of Power BI at an energy company
– Developed two audio/video courses with Packt Publishing for Power BI Desktop and Service
– Developed a 20+ report pack in Power BI for Microsoft Project Online data
– About 3 years of experience working remotely, demonstrating my ability to be productive and meet deadlines
– Successfully completed the Data Analysis & Interpretation Specialization through Coursera which consisted of Python assignments in data munging, visualization, statistical analysis, and machine learning; capstone project was on predicting the probability of the presence of heart disease from cardiovascular results and demographics

Thanks for stopping by.

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